Programming with Lhogho

Getting Started


What is Lhogho ?

Lhogho is an exciting new addition to the Logo family of languages created by Pavel Boytchev.  It has all the advantages of Logo plus:

Lhogho :
     is high performance
     has a small footprint
     can use external libraries

This makes Lhogho a great choice for any kind of programming.  


Getting hold of Lhogho

You can find out more about Lhogho and download a copy here



An 'official'  IDE is planned for Lhogho but it  is not yet ready.   In the meantime there are two things you can do:

You can use a generic editor like Notepad and run programmes from the command line.


You can use Slide (Simple Lhogho IDE).  

Slide is an editor I originally wrote for myself.     If you are a Windows users
and would like to try it out,  it can be downloaded here
Slide has a number of useful features:
                                                                            Syntax highlighting
                                                                            Multiple documents
                                                                            Function finder